B - To tell students to keep working at their computer with some offline activities.

These activities can also be done online with students coming here and downloading the documents to their computers.
You can also download these activities and save them in your pen drive or computer. Then you can project them on the screen.

Do you know a program called TICK ? Many years ago I used it with my students and I think it is a brilliant choice for them working offline. Get it here , install it and try it and moreover , tell students to install it in their laptops. This way when there is no Internet , they can still work at the computer and test their English. If you use this program let me know and I will send you typed tests that I have created using the same questions as in the program.
Watch this tutorial video for full information about this software.

Watch this video review of this website called Englishteststore. Here you can download interactive tests for your students. They can run these tests in their computers or you can run them on the screen in the class. All the tests are provided for personal and school use only.


- Full
Here you will find activities that are Word documents. For students to complete these activities offline , you will need to download these documents and save them in your computer in the classroom. You will need to make the access of students to these activities possible. Talk to the ICT coordinator in your school to include these activities in the Moodle or Intranet or a shared network. I have not included the answer key to the activities here. You will need to ask me for the answer key as I don' t want students to find it here.


Students don' t need to be connected to the Internet for these. They open the Word document which has a song in it , they double click on the icon for the song and it opens separately. They can listen and complete the task which is in the word document as well.
Ask me for the answer key , I ll tell you where in the website they are

  • Colbie Caillat - COUNT ON ME -Exercise
  • The Pussycat Dolls - HAI O YOU ARE MY DESTINY - Exercise
  • Placebo - RUNNING UP THAT HILL - Exercise -
  • Eagles - HOTEL CALIFORNIA - Exercise -

Wordsnakes are texts without punctuation , spaces, vowels or consonants. Students need to retype the text adding what is missing.As a teacher , you decide what exercise to give them.

Ask me for the answer key , I ll tell you where in the website they are


Highlights are texts which have basic or complex structures that students are asked to find and highlight in different colors.

Ask me for the answer key , I ll tell you where in the website they are


These documents have a listening inserted , that is , students click on the listening icon in the document and the audio file opens separately. Students can then answer the questions in the listening as they listen , pause or play the audio.