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Teaching Children English

fun ideas and activities for teaching children English.

ESL Quiz Center

Lots of quizzes to test your English: grammar, idioms, vocabulary, general knowledge etc. A very extensive site.

ESL and EFL Games, Songs, Lessons and Resources -

items and links of interest to teachers.

AskERIC Lesson Plans

Contains more than 200 unique lesson plans for foreign languages.

Mudcat Cafe

Impressive site for lyrics and music in general. 8000 songs available on line.

Teachers Helping Teachers

Provides basic teaching tips to new or inexperienced teachers. Points to lesson plans, educational links, in-service sessions, educational e-zines, and more.

a free, non-commercial teaching resource that allows teachers and parents to create quizzes for students online. When the students complete the quiz, the results are emailed to the teacher along with the most frequently missed questions

The New York Times on the Web Learning Network

lesson plans for students in grades 6-12 related to American History, Current Events, Fine Arts, Global History, Language Arts, Mathematics, Media Studies, Science, Social Studies, Technology, and Using The Times.

United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) Teaching Materials

aimed to provide primary and secondary school teachers with ready-made and fully-detailed unit and lesson plans which incorporate refugee issues into the curriculum.

Rachel's Lesson Plans

for kindergarten and first grade.

Crossword Puzzles for ESL Students

Interesting Things for ESL Students

Common American Slang

Over 280 of the most-used slang expressions.

Easy Vocabulary Quizzes with Pictures

Good for beginners and children. Requires JavaScript.

Self-Study Quizzes for ESL Students - Vocabulary Quizzes

These pages have advertising

ESL Idiom Page

Over 200 idioms

Phrasal Verbs Page

Over 170 phrasal verbs

English Quizzes by Kitao & Kitao

Holidays, Reading, Trivia, Culture, Sports & Writing Quizzes

Idioms, Phrasal Verbs & Slang Quizzes

Grammar Quizzes

Scrambled Word Quizzes

Vocabulary Quizzes

Interactive Javascript Quizzes for ESL Students

English Town's Quiz Wiz

Dave's ESL Quiz Center

The English Zone

Lesson Plans Page

elementary education math, science, social studies, art, language arts, PE, and music lesson plans.

search engine for subjects including thematic units, fine arts, language, health, science, social studies, and more.

Encarta Schoolhouse Topics

each topic contains articles and media, relevant links, related learning activities, and answers from an expert.

English and Library Lesson Plans

English and library lesson plans with handouts.

Collaborative Lesson Archive

lessons sorted by grade level.

Columbia Education Center's Mini Lessons

lessons listed by grade level for language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.

Dave's ESL e-mail connection

Loads of e-mail addresses and short introductions for learners of English who want e-mail pen pals. Get typing and find a new friend!

Learn English on the Net

Part of the British Council site, it has reading comprehension exercises on the BC site itself.

Project Primary

"Hands-on" activities for teaching science in grades K-3 that may be incorporated into lessons. Subjects covered include: Botany, Chemistry, Children;'s Literature, Geology, Physics, and Zoology. Activities are simply explained and designed to engage children's curiosity.

Linguistic Funland

A fun and interactive site for students and teachers with activities, lesson plans and more.

English Teachers' Room

lesson plans, handouts, classroom activities, articles, and workshops.


Resource site for English / language teachers.

Cambridge Language Centre

ESL Home Page

University of Illinois ESL home page with plenty of exercises on listening, reading, grammar etc. Many with RealAudio or Shockwave plug-ins.

English Word Games -

site is in English and Japanese.

ESL Games, Lessons, Links, and Resources

ESL Teacher Connection -

forum for sharing class activities and lesson plans. -

for ESL, bilingual and classroom teachers working with K-12 language minority students. Resources include information, staff inservicing, lesson plans, activities, bulletin boards, etc.

Holiday Zone: Activities for English Language Learners -

thematic exercises and activities for holidays throughtout the year.

Apply Learning Network -

applied high school mathematics and English lesson ideas that connect classroom learning with real-life, workplace applications.

Added Value, An English Teacher's Website -

includes lesson plans, students' work, special themes, celebrations, vocabulary, etc.

RHL School - Free Worksheets and More

This site features 100s of free quality worksheets that teachers or parents can use to reinforce and review concepts in reading, reference, mathematics and other subjects.

TEFL Farm -

articles and items of interest to teachers of English

. The English Teacher's Assistant -

a periodical designed for ESL/EFL teachers, with ideas and activities for teaching conversation, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

Visualizing Verbs and Voices -

materials on verb tenses; and voices and aspects for TESOL, using multiple intelligences and learning styles theory. By Toni Schwindt.

Yuki's EFL/ESL Bulletin Board -

for teachers at secondary schools around the world.


From the Chicago Historical Society. Every month four artifacts related to a central theme (Toys, Slavery, Children's Clothing, African-American History) are featured. Provides photos, audio, worksheets, and resources for the classroom.

Blue Web'n

Library of Internet-based instructional information; search the database by audience type, application type, content area, and other search terms. Find activities, lessons, references, tools, and projects.

CEC Lesson Plans

A large assortment of lesson plans (K-12) created by teachers.

United Nations CyberSchoolBus

Provides lesson suggestions designed to bring the UN into the classroom. Grade appropriate on-line activities and interactive games, a curriculum corner with six lesson modules, an international database, global trends, a guide to the UN, and city profiles.

Teacher Talk

A site for teachers to discover new ideas for more creative teaching, classroom management, and understanding the needs of adolescents. Suggestions, comments, and interviews from successful teachers.


Great site for teachers. Includes links to Front Page, a newsletter with online educational information at an international level. Links to a search engine, a teacher-2-teacher forum, lesson plans, resources, and more links.

ESL and EFL Games, Songs, Lessons and Resources

Lively site with plenty of resources for teachers. Games, songs, picture activities etc.

On-Line English Grammar

Edutainment Home Page

From this commercial site one can reach a quite good page with lots of class games.

British Council

Large site with lots of EFL information and news.

CUP English Language Teaching

Cambridge University Press' ELT site. A nice quiz on the Cambridge Dictionary of International English (could be used with advanced students).

Tower of English

Internet TESL Journal

Planet English


Good pages on idioms, reading (fables) and writing.

E-Mail Key Pal Connection

Part of the Comenius site, this puts you in touch with 'e-mail pals' all over the world.


Popular and interesting site for practising English.

University of Iowa - English Education Program

Write Around the World

A case history of an e-mail project that later became a book of the same idea. Useful for ideas.

Hong Kong English Centre

English Language Teachers' Association of Berlin-Brandenburg

professional organization.

Illinois Association of Teachers of English

New York State English Council

English Teacher: An International Journal

published three times a year by the English Language Center, Assumption University. Designed for the EFL/ESL professional.

English Teachers' Page

Ernie's Activity Page

classroom activities for ESL/EFL, with links to other pages

Ross's English Sites

links and resources for teachers of high school English and related areas.

So Many Colors

shares multimedia teaching methods for language teachers.

English Direct

service for teachers of English as a foreign language (EFL); country/culture info and downloadable teaching materials as shareware.

Rainbow Educators' Network

offers information to educators who are concerned about lgb issues in the English as a Foreign Language (EFL) classroom.

resources, job listings, and discussion forums for ESL and EFL teachers.

Schackne Online--Language Teaching

Language Teaching ESL-EFL Resources.

Resources for Teachers: Teaching Resources

Resources for teachers and learners in general.

EFL sites

EFL sites EFL business English at Comenius. A very useful site with a full and interesting history of an e-mail business writing project with lots of tips and good advice. Highly recommended.

World Lecture Hall

Pages created by faculty worldwide who are using the web to deliver class material. Includes course syllabi, notes, exams, and more.


Provides a variety of services on a broad range of education-related issues. Includes the AskERIC Toolbox, a set of Internet resources, and a virtual library that contains over 700 lesson plans, access to the ERIC database, digests, archives, and listservers.

English and Library Lesson Plans -

English and library lesson plans with handouts.

Lesson Plans Using Internet Web Sites

Site contains lesson plans that were developed to integrate information found on the Web into the curriculum. Provides suggestions for how teachers can develop their own lesson plans using the Web.


A site designed to help teachers learn more about the role of technology in education. Sections include teacher testimonies, interviews, kid's use of technology written by kids, and web-based lessons.



Heinemann ELT

Quite a lot of resources plus information on the CoBuild project.

Heinemann ELT

new Heinemann page


An Elementary Grammar

An online grammar book by The English Institute

The LinguaCenter's Grammar Safari

Fun with Randomly-Generated Sentences (JavaScript)

English Grammar (Ohio University CALL)

Grammar Help Page

Interactive English Language Exercises

At-Risk Students

Developed by the At-Risk Institute dedicated to the improvement of education for at-risk students.Links to the national research center, field-initiated studies, research, and publications.

CNN Newsroom for ESL

iT´s on-line

Gavin Dudeney´s e-zine for teachers and students; based in Spain; extracts in El Gazette.

Language Learning & Technology

Journal that looks at how new technology can help language learners and teachers.

The Virtual English Language Center

The well-known Comenius group site, with the Fluency through Fables exercises and student email connections. Also useful for teachers, with software and links pages.


Home page of the TOEFL organization in the US.

Student exercises and activities

Online exercises and tests for student use.

Student exercises and activities

Language learning activities in general.

Student Self-test

Steve Chadwick´s online placement test for students to check their level.


A large EFL site with extensive teacher and learner areas. Links to many schools and organisations in the UK. Masses of material.

Aardvark TEFL

Huge resource of TEFL links and materials.


designed for kids ages 8-12 and their teachers, this site features the "eBUGS" adventures which take place in a particular country, culture, and time period. Four classroom lesson plans accompany each two-week eBUGS adventure.


ConnectEd -

A WWW resource providing links to sites of interest for English Teachers.


Consists of Internet resources, lesson plans, activities, curriculum resources. Linked with the corresponding subject area, and content standards.

Lesson Plans and Activities

Links to ready-made lesson plans and activities for the arts, language arts, math, science, social studies, technology, and other content areas.

Classroom Connect

Links to K-12 educational resources, interactive databases, on-line discussions, a newsletter, and K-12 Internet products.Assists teachers with using the Internet in the lesson.

ESL Links

Links and Lessons For ESL Teachers By Dan Joslin ( Latest Update - 3/2/98 This page is intended to help ESL teachers find: -resources for lesson planning-

Great reference source, with 16,583 direct links to resources. Subject list is organized alphabetically.

Grammar Links


Contains some of the best links for educators on the Net.

ELT Online

ELT on line resources.

ESL/EFL Lessons

Links to ESL, TESL, TEFL and TESOL/ELT lesson plans, activities, games and other materials.