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-Part of the World Service site dedicated to ELT materials including RealAudio webcasts.

BBC World Service

-Schedules, summaries of programmes, full texts and even complete programmes on RealAudio. Also an education section with EFL materials.

Learning Oral English Online

Dialogs with 'au' sound files.

English For Travellers

Learn basic phrases and learn how to pronounce them.

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab

Most of the pages require JavaScript. Some require RealAudio.

Interactive Listening Comprehension Practice

LinguaCenter. NPR and ABC radio programs with comprehension questions. All require RealAudio and JavaScript. RealAudio Sites Designed for Native English Speakers

NPR - National Public Radio (USA)

All Things Considered

Morning Addition

Voice of America - News Now

Voice of America - Talk to America

Online News Hour from PBS

Sound & Video

CBS audio news

-CBS TV news in audio format.


- free radio service reading books, magazines and newspapers for anyone who can't use normal print. Schedules, maps and live RealAudio broadcast are available.

Lazy Literate, The

- Steve Berry, a.k.a The Lazy Literate, reviews audiobooks weekly for The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch. Site includes an archive of past reviews.

Gisborne Herald Online, The

- local news/sports updates and millennium news, business directory listings, and info on their audiotext service, Q-Phone.

BBC Online

- Huge site, with masses of material, including education and the World Service. One of the best.


- audio interview with different English accents, accompanied by transcripts, comprehension tests, and lesson plans.

1968: The Whole World Was Watching

- includes audio files, transcripts, and edited stories from 30 interviews conducted by high school students around recollections of the events of 1968.

Normandy: 1944

- offers a virtual march through the World War II invasion by means of photos, articles and essays, interactive maps, audio and video clips, and transcripts of first-person accounts.

Online NewsHour: Frank McCourt

- March 1999 interview from Terence Smith in transcript and audio formats.

Outside Online Interview With Anatoli Boukreev

- transcript and audio file of an interview with Boukreev regarding his book, The Climb.

Christopher Hitchens

- interview with the author about his book, "For the Sake of Argument." Includes a transcript, photos, and audio.

David Halberstam

- the author interviewed about his book, "The Fifties." Transcript and audio files available.



 West End Network

- multilingual chat room and bulletin boards, designed to facilitate language exchange.

College Talk

- discussion groups and chat.

CRIBE (Chat Room In Broken Englsh)

- real time text chat room for non-native English users and everyone tolerant of misspelling.

Home's Cool Homeschooling Site

- includes a teacher's forum, chat room, classified ads, pen pals, Ask The Professor, lots of educational links.

Progressive Education Chat

- arena for real-time discussion of issues pertaining to education, teaching, and schools, with an emphasis on the various non-traditional schooling techniques.

ScholarStuff's Chat Page

WebUniversity Interactive Educational Network

- live chat, tutoring and instruction to students and educators in math, science, languages and arts.

Education Webpage, The

- offers educators the ability to publish and search for articles and jobs. Includes a chat room.

ATSSB Live Chat

a get-together of Texas directors of small school bands.



 Talk City Online Community 

- Talk City, the Internet's friendliest community site and the best place to meet people on the 'Net. No other chat rooms are safer, easier, more topical, or more fun than those at Talk City!

ChattownUSA - The Coolest Chat Place on the Web!... 

- Welcome to ChatTown USA - A free chat room for every lifestyle - the coolest hangout on the Internet - free visual chat  

- graphical chat community where members homestead and create custom rooms. Our online community requires nothing to download and runs in your browser.

Lycos chat

- one of the best places to meet all kinds of people on the Net.

Free Online Chat Rooms

- A quick reference guide to the best free online chat rooms - popular chatrooms for chat, teen chat, and romantic chat for relationships.

MIRC 5.61 (32) in Spain

- downloads the, probably, most famous chat in the web.

Alamak's Huge Free Chat Rooms List

- More than 80,000 chat users each day from around the world & first of it's kind on the internet. Private chatrooms, adjustable autorefresh with frames, colored text, special font modifications...

Free Movie Chat

- Open discussion forum about the latest movies

Radio Free World - Chat Room

- General discussion with music listeners and weekly chat sessions with notable musicians and artists.

All Ages Free Chat

- Free chat rooms for kids, teens, adults and singles.

JobRap a FREE Voice Chat for Finding Computer Talent

- Talk with people who are looking for Computer Jobs.

100% Free Chat Rooms

- free chat rooms for kids, teens, singles, college students and adults.



 Serve Our Schools Webchat

- for Catholic schools and their teachers.

Catholic Community Forum Chat Center

- for Catholics and anyone interested in the Catholic Church.

Catholic Corner Chat Rooms

- chat rooms with a spiritual focus.

Winona Lake Free Methodist Bible Quizzing

- latest stats and photos from around the country. Offers online quizzing and chat room.

- searchable Christian family directory with free e-mail, news, radio, chat, shopping, entertainment reviews, games, advice, forums, and event listings.

Catholic Community Forum

- place for Catholics and anyone interested in the church to communicate with each other. Featuring Parish Web sites, links to Catholic information on the web, chat, messaging, and much more.

Catholic Families

- chat about your experience.

CatholiCity Chat

Catholic Singles Chat

- meet others with similar beliefs.




Includes Thesaurus, links...


Very powerful. English-Spanish-English. Needs to be downloaded.


Looks up in over 105 dictionaries.

Oxford English Dictionary.

Requires subscription

Diccionario BritSpeak.

To help British to cope with American english.

False friends in British and American English. With the section Spelling Differencies.

Inverse dictionary Casey's Snow Day.

You write the definition and you get the word. Funny and sometimes useful device.

Rhymes dictionary

Slang Lexicon.

WordNet 1.5.

Synonimes, hyponimes, hyperhonimes, related words, usage...

Dictionary of acronimes

Cambridge Dictionaries Online

Online dictionary of postulated non-IE substrate vocabulary in the Germanic languages

Spanish-English-Spanish Talking Dictionary



Encyclopaedia Britannica

The full content.


Includes many photos and Atlas.

provides more than 17,000 short articles from the Concise Columbia Electronic Encylopedia, Third Edition.



 A Mixed Bag

Working the Tenses - Grammar

Working the Tenses - Listening



Welcome to Laugh-Lines! 

- Laugh-Lines Welcome Page

Joke A Day -- The World's Largest Daily Humor Mailing List  

- The world's largest daily humor mailing list. Very famous site.

Welcome to Titter (dot) Com 

- Online source for favourite jokes both old and new.

Free Jokes Greeting Cards for Kids

- Free Jokes Cards for Kids from

Rodney And Cathy's Joke Page 

- Official site for Rodney And Cathy's Joke List. Joke list Hall Of Fame, Best Of The List joke pages, archives of jokes and on line book store.