Hi,I think I'll start using wordsnakes more often. My students are already very used to working with songs and some days ago I tried a wordsnake task with 2ESO students and they had fun looking for missing vowel

All of them are useful, but if I have to choose one, I'd say Wordhighlights. I think they are a good way of working with grammar structures and finding real examples in real contexts.

I've been trying the three kinds of activities this week at the ESO level and I think I'll use wordsongs and wordhighlights more often than wordsnakes. Weaker students found the latter a bit difficult, lost their interest and started messing around. I think I'll put wordsnakes aside for stronger students or use them with higher levels.

I really liked the word document with a song inserted, but I don't understand how it should work with my students.
I guess that if I have a projector I hand out the worksheet to the students and I play the song from the word document, isn't it?
And how could we apply this to students with computer (1x1)? Any ideas? I just imagined myself in front of the class, no internet, and me with the pendrive around. Nooooo! What a mess!
Personally, I'm not fond of wordsnakes but I think highlights may be very useful and help students learn .

I like both wordsnakes and wordhighlights. I think they are very good resources to revise grammar. My students will enjoy looking for vowels, spaces and periods, on the one hand, and using colours to highlight, on the other. We already use wordsongs they prepare for the oral presentations.

The three activities are great to use in class. This week I've tried the wordhighlights out on 3rd ESO (past simple / past continuous) and it was a success!

Hi there,
I was familiar with wordsong and wordsnakes. This week I tried wordhighlights and it has been successful. Wordsnakes are also great for Batxillerat students.

Hi! It's hard for me to choose... but since I was already familiar with wordsongs, I'll choose wordsnakes (which can be great practice for those students who have a tendency to forget punctuation when writing a text - at least, it will make them aware that full stops, commas, etc, also communicate), and highlights (which are a more attractive version of the traditional "underline the words that..."). I think I'll use both quite often from now on.

I think I'll be able to use them all, but I specially like wordsnakes. I'll try to do a wordsnake activity related to Thanksgiving for next week, for example.

I think I'll use all of them as they are useful and motivating activities for the students.

Hi everybody!
I have used the wordsnakes this week for the fastfinishers and they loved it! They kept asking me to do more and more activities like this one!
So, I think I'll be using wordsnakes more often.
Regarding the song, I prefer to do it in class with students looking at the projector and everybody at the same time. Maybe it is because it is difficult sometimes to have available the computer room and I also have problems with different versions of Microsoft Office and so on... How do you solve these problems? For example, sometimes I prepare a powerpoint at home and when I go into class it doesn't open because it is an older version.

As regards Microsoft 2007, there is an option which allows you to save documents or ppt presentations for older versions of Microsoft.
To avoid problems with older versions at school I just go to "save as presentación 97-2003".The thing is that if you create documents with 2007 and you want to open them with older versions, some slides may not keep their original format even though you've told the program to save it as "97-2003" stuff. It is advisable to check out the layout of the slides before showing them to your students and change whatever is misplaced. Sometimes what I also do is to save my documents or presentations as a pdf. In ppt slides in pdf format, animations are lost, but it is still a life-saver in some cases.

think I will use the wordsong and the highlights more often than the wordsnake, which I find more appropriate for kids than for teenagers. In fact, I liked the highlights very much to practice some grammar which they find boring in a much funnier way. I'm thinking about learning the irregular verbs and this sort of things.