The Learning box , is basically a collection of 3000 flashcards that in different shapes , sizes and colours, help students to learn and remember vocabulary , reinforce grammar patterns and memorize irregular verbs.

There are 20 activities in the BOX and each activity has specific usage instructions in the handbook.
Activities vary in terms of the number of cards , sizes or colours. ( browse the content menu for more information )

After students have used the flashcards, there are printable and photocopiable worksheets that follow up the contents practices with the flashcards.
Moreover, after written work, there are online interactive exercises that match the contents of the flashcards as well.

So basically , the procedure is:

  1. students use the flashcards to reinforce grammar or vocabulary
  2. students complete written exercises about the same grammar or vocabulary
  3. students can go online and further practice the same grammar or vocabulary

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