Dear teachers and friends ,

The English Learning Box is a collection of flashcards that together with a book are meant to help your students master  English grammar and vocabulary.

The cards and their activities work well for 1st and 2nd ESO and they can also be used for second cycle,depending on the activity and the students. They are also available for Upper Primary Cycle and Language schools as well.

These new materials are the result of many hours of work , sleepless nights and countless redoings of the handbook that goes with the box.
Everybody using the box is delighted by its results. The games are working very well for all of you and the worksheets that complement the cards are lifesavers after some students finish early with the games.

At this moment ( January 2010 ) 17 High Schools  have purchased the BOX and are using its contents and enjoying the results. I am happy that my original idea has become a reality and that my initial thoughts have proven to be right. The BOX works ! Hoorey !

Please contact me at if you want me to go to your school for a 45 min presentation.

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